Carbonite Pulls Ads From Rush Limbaugh Show

CarboniteCarbonite has pulled their radio ads from the Rush Limbaugh show after Limbaugh’s comments about Sandra Fluke, a Georgetown University law student, who favors President Obama’s administration’s birth control policy.

On Wednesday of last week, Limbaugh called Fluke a slut who wants to be paid to have sex. After these comments, and a campaign by Limbaugh critics, six advertisers (including Carbonite) announced they were pulling their ads (read Carbonite’s announcement). While most supported Carbonite’s decision…

…some were outraged.

Unfortunately, it seems like this turned into a lose-lose situation for Carbonite. However, they reacted quickly and sometime this week, another controversial political show host (or a politician themself) will do or say something that will cause the public to forget Rush’s statement.


2 Responses to “Carbonite Pulls Ads From Rush Limbaugh Show”

  1. Richard Rider says:

    Offsite online backup Carbonite dropped the Rush Limbaugh show. Bad decision, IMHO, though no Limbaugh fan would deny them that option. But, as it turns out, Carbonite is a substandard product compared to the competition.

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    Here’s MemoPal’s (biased but accurate) comparison of its product with Carbonite.

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  2. Eliot Ness says:

    THE $100 MILLION TITANIC: Carbonite has lost on average $20 million per year for the past five years … its SEC reports show an “accumulated deficit” (accountant-speak for “cumulative loss”) of $100 million!

    HAIL MARY IPO: Last summer Carbonite rescued itself from insolvency with a weak desperation IPO.

    COMPETITION: Losing its Rush-relationship will leave NASDAQ:CARB even more vulnerable to a surging tsunami of competition.,2817,2288745,00.asp

    KAMIKAZE CEO: Carbonite’s CEO David Friend has effectively cut his company’s throat – in order to protest a few Limbaugh jokes about a 30-year-old political activist (Sandra Fluke) who is publicly crusading to compel other people to pay for female law students’ birth control!

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